The Celandine Residences - PRICE LIST

Larger than ordinary unit cuts are available to give your family room to grow.

Find the right space for your family. Choose from 1 bedroom unit and 2 bedroom units with generously allocated floor areas suited to your needs. Comfort and relaxation extend outdoors with manicured landscapes and amenities.

With fine quality finishes, large open plans, and abundant natural light and ventilation, an unparalleled quality of life is presented by every aspect of The Celandine.

In every unit, the materials used have the strongest quality that ensures durability and aesthetically-appealing design that makes each unit the dream space of every resident.


DMCI : The Celandine Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom A (Inner Unit) ₱ 2,215,000 27.5
1 Bedroom B (Inner Unit) ₱ 2,315,000 29
1 Bedroom C (Inner Unit) ₱ 2,431,000 31
1 Bedroom D (Inner Unit) ₱ 2,492,000 32
2 Bedroom A (Inner Unit) ₱ 3,264,000 48.5
2 Bedroom B (End Unit) ₱ 3,400,000 53
2 Bedroom C (End Unit) ₱ 3,264,000 48.5
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Minimum DP: 20% (1BR A,B,C and D Inner Unit) payable in 5 years & 80% (Bank Finance)
Minimum DP 20% (2BR A-Inner Unit and 2BR C-End Unit) payable in 5 years & 80% (Bank Finance)
Minimum DP 30% ( 2BR B End Unit) payable in 5 years & 70% (Bank Finance)
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